Fund Description
The ClearShares OPER ETF (the Fund) is an actively managed portfolio seeking current income by investing in repurchase repo agreements, collateralized by U.S. Government Securities and other fixed income instruments. A repurchase agreement is an agreement under which the Fund acquires a financial instrument (e.g., a security issued by the U.S. government or an agency thereof) from a seller. At the time of purchase, the seller (usually a commercial bank, broker, or dealer) agrees to repurchase the underlying security at a mutually agreed-upon price on a designated future date (normally, the next business day). The securities acquired by the Fund pursuant to repurchase agreement transactions will generally have a total value (including accrued interest earned thereon) in excess of the repurchase agreement s value and will be held by the Fund s custodian until the securities are repurchased. As a result, repurchase agreements may be considered a loan collateralized by securities. The Fund may also invest directly in U.S. government securities, such as U.S. Treasuries and U.S. agency securities, which may include mortgage-backed securities ( MBS ) issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government, federal agencies, or U.S. government sponsored instrumentalities, such as the Government National Mortgage Administration ( Ginnie Mae ), the Federal Housing Administration ( FHA ), the Federal National Mortgage Association ( Fannie Mae ) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ( Freddie Mac ).
Fund Profile
Fund Name ClearShares Ultra-Short Maturity ETF
Fund Exchange Ticker OPER
Fund Sponsor Exchange Traded Concepts
Fund ISIN US26922A4537
Net Expense Ratio 0.20 %
Fund Inception Date 11 July 2018
Fund Legal Structure ETF (Open end fund)
Exchange NYSE Arca
Listing Country Code US
Fund Investment Objective
ETF Type Specific Bonds - Broad Market
Asset Class Bonds
Index Linked Active
Index Name Not Applicable
Index Provider Not Applicable
Currency Hedged No
Inverse / Leveraged Not Applicable
Developed / Emerging Developed Market Funds
Bond Type Broad Market
Credit Quality Fund Holds Both Investment Grade & High Yield
Average Maturity Not Applicable
Bond Currency Denomination USD
Key Statistics
Return As of Date 28 June 2022
Asset Under Management 205.24 Million (USD)
1 Month Total Return 0.02 %
Year To Date Return 0.13 %
1 Year Total Return 0.31 %
3 Year Annualized Total Return 0.67 %
NAV 100.115
Share Outstanding 2,050,000
Top 10 Holdings (28 June 2022)
Constituent Name Constituent Ticker Constituent Type Weighting
OPER REPO 7/18/22 1.75% 07/18/2022 PREF 0.3079000000
OPER REPO 7/21/22 1.75% 07/21/2022 PREF 0.2271000000
OPER REPO 6/30/22 1.60% 06/30/2022 PREF 0.1979000000
OPER REPO 7/13/22 1.60% 07/13/2022 PREF 0.1462000000
OPER REPO 6/29/22 1.55% 06/29/2022 PREF 0.1203000000
Cash & Other CASH 0.0005000000