Fund Description
The Fund pursues its investment objective by investing, under normal circumstances, at least 90% of its net assets (plus any borrowings made for investment purposes) in CLOs of any maturity that are rated AAA (or equivalent by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization ( NRSRO )) at the time of purchase, or if unrated, determined to be of comparable credit quality by Janus Capital. For purposes of the Fund s investment policies, CLOs are floating or fixed-rate debt securities issued in different tranches, with varying degrees of risk, by a trust or other special purpose vehicle and backed by an underlying portfolio consisting primarily of below investment grade corporate loans. Such loans may include domestic and foreign senior secured loans, senior unsecured loans and subordinate corporate loans, which may individually be rated below investment grade or the equivalent if unrated. The underlying loans are selected by a CLO s manager. Under normal market conditions, the Fund will seek to maintain a minimum of 80% of its portfolio in AAA-rated CLOs. After purchase, a CLO may have its rating reduced below the minimum rating required by the Fund for purchase. In such cases, the Fund will consider whether to continue to hold the CLO. The Fund may temporarily deviate from the 80% policy while deploying new capital as the result of cash creation or redemption activity, or during unusual market conditions, or highly unusual market conditions such as a downgrade in the rating of one or more CLOs. The Fund will invest primarily in CLOs that are U.S. dollar denominated. However, the Fund may from time to time invest upto 30% of its net assets in CLOs that are denominated in foreign currencies. To the extent the Fund invests in non-U.S. dollar denominated securities, it will seek to hedge its exposure to foreign currency to U.S. dollars. The Fund is actively-managed .
Fund Profile
Fund Name Janus Henderson AAA CLO ETF
Fund Exchange Ticker JAAA
Fund Sponsor Janus
Fund ISIN US47103U8457
Net Expense Ratio 0.25 %
Fund Inception Date 16 October 2020
Fund Legal Structure ETF (Open end fund)
Exchange NYSE Arca
Listing Country Code US
Fund Investment Objective
ETF Type Specific Bonds - Non Government Asset Backed Securities
Asset Class Bonds
Index Linked Active
Index Name Not Applicable
Index Provider Not Applicable
Currency Hedged Yes
Inverse / Leveraged Not Applicable
Developed / Emerging Developed Market Funds
Bond Type Non - Government Asset Backed Securities
Credit Quality Investment Grade Only
Average Maturity Fund Holds All Maturity Ranges
Bond Currency Denomination Multiple Currencies
Key Statistics
Return As of Date 28 June 2022
Asset Under Management 1419.46 Million (USD)
1 Month Total Return -0.68 %
Year To Date Return -2.28 %
1 Year Total Return -1.75 %
3 Year Annualized Total Return
NAV 49.0313
Share Outstanding 28,950,000
Top 10 Holdings (28 June 2022)
Constituent Name Constituent Ticker Constituent Type Weighting
OHA Credit Funding 3 LTD BOND 0.0411313328
Palmer Square CLO 2018-2 Ltd BOND 0.0409664967
US DOLLAR CASH 0.0382722230
Cifc Funding 2014-IV-R Ltd BOND 0.0291541926
Magnetite XXVIII Ltd BOND 0.0272081627
Shackleton 2017-XI Clo Ltd BOND 0.0237801103
HPS Loan Management 2021-16 Ltd BOND 0.0212618791
Allegro CLO XII Ltd BOND 0.0207874905
Dryden 85 CLO Ltd BOND 0.0204638253
Dryden 75 CLO Ltd BOND 0.0187596465